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Lirik Lagu Oh Girl - Justin Bieber

Lirik Lagu Oh Girl - Justin Bieber

Take my hand, and put it on your chest
'Cause I need ya right now
Yeah, could come right here and do the dirty
'Cause I need you to do the dirty, baby
Your love is keeping me warm, warm, warm

You been going far away, I just need to hold you, babe
Can't believe I'm with you, 'cause you got me open, baby
I'm loving everything you do, be thankful that I'm here with you
You make me wanna say

(Chorus x2)
Oh girl, your body's so insane
You're making me call your name, girl
Oh girl, yeah, it's like a rush
Every single time we touch

(Repeat Verse 1)


(Chorus x2)

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